Multiple Deliveries of Cultural Protection Services

Thursday, 28th March 2024

Throughout March 2024 the Trident Manor team undertook several security risk assessments at cultural venues across the North of England and in Scotland.

Multiple Deliveries of Cultural Protection Services

In addition to the delivery of several cultural protection training programmes the Trident Manor team undertook security risk assessment visits at a wide range of venues which were all unique and different in size, exhibits, and operational practices. At one rural venue a former retail premises have been converted into a museum that was suitable for the exhibiting of loans from National Collections. Another venue in the North West of England was undertaken in a city centre where a major capital project was underway and it was important to ensure that appropriate security features were designed into the project to futureproof it for new exhibitions of national and international significance. A final venue was on the East coast in a town that was suffering from significant social problems, crime, and deprivation, and where the council was using cultural heritage as a means of 'levelling up' and providing cultural experiences for all.

What was really noticeable about each venue was how different each was. This not only included the structure of the venues but also the exhibits on display and the target audiences. However, each venue sought to use cultural heritage to benefit their local communities and enrich the cultural heritage that was available and accessible for the communities.

Andy Davis said, "This is a part of the joy of working with the cultural heritage community. No two venues are identical nor are the risks they face, however, each seeks to enrich and empower the local community through cultural heritage outreach, which is great to see."