Personal Safety and Security Workshop in Northeast Theatre

Friday, 19th January 2024

Personal Safety and Security Workshop in Northeast Theatre

The Trident Manor team was invited to a theatre in the Northeast of England in January 2024 to deliver the CPD-accredited Personal Safety and Security Workshop (PSSW).

This programme benefits staff who are at an increased risk of violence at work, especially those who are in customer-facing roles. It focuses on proactive identification and avoidance of conflict before it manifests rather than reactive measures, as this is viewed as the best opportunity for staying safe.

As well as training in proactive anti-conflict measures, the session opened discussions surrounding the patterns observed in anti-social behaviour in the theatre and the negative experiences of staff dealing with aggressive individuals. It is sad to see how frequent these occurrences have become in entertainment venues since Covid-19, with more theatres reporting increases in violent behaviour from customers as time goes on. Hopefully, through training and awareness, staff can be better equipped to put a stop to conflict situations before they develop.

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