Project Completion for the Cultural Heritage Sector

Monday, 14th March 2022

​Since the end of January 2022, the team have been working on a project to help our client further understand the Security Needs and Perceptions of the cultural sectors across the UK.

Project Completion for the Cultural Heritage Sector

The cultural sector has implemented drastic changes to operations over the past couple of years due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has also impacted the existing threats cultural venues face. The ability for some venues to function and operate is still affected and does not fully resemble pre-covid life. Therefore, the security needs and perceptions of this sector should be recognised to ensure advice and guidance is provided to those venues in need.

To start the collection of data for the project, a survey was created and targeted to individuals who have connections to the cultural heritage sector. Both open and closed questions surrounding security needs and perceptions and operational trends, including business operations and crime and security, featured in the online survey to allow for quantitative and qualitative data to be interpreted. All survey responses remained anonymous throughout the project with no individual or site being identified.

We then began conducting virtual interviews, using the structure of the online survey. Interviewees were able to expand on their answers and share their thoughts on what the cultural sector needs with regard to security. The responses from both the survey and interviews provided us with a great amount of data. This was collated into charts to represent patterns and trends found from the analysis phase. The data was consolidated and used in the final report to highlight areas our client should consider and would be beneficial to them going forward.

A draft report was submitted to our client’s project team to conduct a review of the findings and to provide any comments or amendments to make for the final submission. In support of the cultural heritage sector requiring more safety and security information, Trident Manor offers support services to benefit the cultural heritage sector to ensure its venues, assets and audience are protected from the potential threats and risks they may be exposed to.

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