Protecting Educational Establishments Against Terrorism

Friday, 15th February 2019

Protecting Educational Establishments Against Terrorism

In the United States, there were 24 instances of shootings in schools with injuries or deaths according to Education Week. However, with the UK terrorism threat level at severe (meaning an attack is highly likely) we cannot ignore the risk posed to all of us, including our children.

In 2018 Trident Manor provided a risk assessment, reviewed existing policies and introduced security practices to an educational facility. This included ‘Shelter in Place’ and ‘Lock Down’ policy and procedures. As a result of this we are delighted that when reviewed by the local authority’s Counter Terrorism Officer the feedback given to the school excellent, with no recommendations for improvement.

Although the Trident Manor team is always pleased to hear our work is well received and stands the test of audits such as this, we also commend the school in their proactive approach in seeking to improve their existing policies. We appreciate that in a time of budget cuts, funding for such projects isn’t always forthcoming. However, I advise head teachers, business managers and governors not to rush into spending money on technical solutions or gadgets; they normally aren't that effective. Always seek professional advice from the police, local authorities or independent security professionals.

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