Security Compliance Audit - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tuesday, 6th December 2022

Trident Manor undertook an announced security compliance audit at an international organisation based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Security Compliance Audit - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Following what seemed like ages our managing director was able to visit an international organisation based in Riyadh that was involved in the secure storage and destruction of data on behalf of a USA-based association body.

The visit involved reviewing the organisational governance, interviewing critical staff, and visiting several sites where documents were stored or destroyed. The physical security measures were reviewed alongside operational practices and technical security applications. 

Trident Manor does not confirm compliance, it merely reports its finding and that decision is taken elsewhere. But Andy was impressed with the attention to detail and operational practices shown. He was also hugely impressed with the openness and hospitality shown by all during the visit.

Trident Manor undertakes a wide range of security audits and assessments for clients around the world, some are for compliance, some are as a security health check, while others are to test the vulnerabilities and robustness of security measures undertaken (pen-test). If you would like to find out more about these or any other security consultancy services offered by Trident Manor please feel free to Contact Us.