Security Review of Secure Storage Facility in Edinburgh

Wednesday, 12th June 2024

Security Review of Secure Storage Facility in Edinburgh

On the 12th of June 2024, Andy Davis, the Managing Director of Trident Manor, went to Edinburgh to carry out an assessment of a storage location for one of our cultural clients. The secure storage location was assessed before the visit by conducting a crime pattern and satellite location analysis, which found that it was in a low-crime area surrounded by residential development. The residential development thus provided secondary surveillance capabilities to the site along the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Upon approaching the entrance, site staff took proactive action to challenge our team, demonstrating great awareness in responding to potential threats. As with every security review conducted by Trident Manor, a comprehensive evaluation was carried out. This included a thorough assessment of the outer perimeter, access points, secure zones, technical systems, and operational practices. The objective was to meticulously identify any potential vulnerabilities or risks that could jeopardise the safety of the assets.

The findings revealed a commendable implementation of 'layered security.' This approach ensured a multi-tiered defence strategy, which significantly enhanced security in depth. The layered security framework provided robust and resilient protective measures, reinforcing each security layer to create a formidable barrier against potential threats. This comprehensive system of security mitigated vulnerabilities and ensured the sustained protection of our client's valuable assets.

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