Technical Security Review

Thursday, 20th June 2024

Trident Manor visited a client venue in Redcar-Cleveland to conduct a Technical Security Review of their Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) used on the interior and exterior of the site.

Technical Security Review

On Thursday 20th of June 2024, members of Trident Manor travelled to the Redcar-Cleveland area to conduct a technical security review focusing on the design of a site's new Video Surveillance System (VSS).

VSS is essential for all types of venues where members of staff operate and members of the public are welcome. These systems deter theft and vandalism, facilitate real-time incident response, and aid in post-event investigations. Furthermore, VSS assists in managing visitor flow, ensuring both their safety and a positive experience, whilst also protecting the site's integrity and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Trident Manor is currently delivering physical and technical security design services across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. Our expertise enhances security and protection by thoroughly understanding and integrating the operational and aesthetic requirements of our clients.

Although numerous providers offer security design support for new venues, Trident Manor stands out with its profound knowledge and understanding of various industry sectors including cultural heritage, hospitality, and corporate. If you would like to discuss how we can support your organisation's implementation and review of VSS, feel free to contact us.