The Positiveness of Words

Tuesday, 24th March 2020

When delivering learning experiences honest feedback from participants can help ensure continued delivery of high-quality services and ensuring the benefits are shared widely. Trident Manor is always ready to listen!

The Positiveness of Words

Trident Manor has been delivering specialist security education and training programmes for over five years. Nothing is ever taken for granted and it is important that we continually develop our programmes to meet client needs and to ensure that the services being delivered remain relevant, accurate and beneficial.

We view the giving and receiving of honest feedback as an important part of the learning and developing programme, irrespective of the status of the learner or deliverer. Some of the most beneficial adjustments that we have made to our programme content has been as a result of participant feedback and desires to develop further.

The receiving of positive feedback also puts a smile on our faces and confirms that we are hitting the mark with the participants we deliver to. An example of the type of positive feedback that we receive included this from an international student in the Middle East who said: “…Your transfer of knowledge and skills is excellent. You’re indeed uplifting the standards and professionalism of our team. I am glad to be one of your students. This is great work you have provided and can’t wait to put it good use.”

The feedback that is received helps ensure that the content has not only been understood but also highlights areas were there are potential gaps; I defy any training organisation to state that their programmes are perfect; they should never be! We continually review our programmes to ensure they are client, location and sector specific thereby ensuring the delivery of a quality of service.

As the security situations that organisations are facing and ever evolving the requirement for bespoke programmes that are client specific and enable service delivery are ever increasing. Trident Manor is ready to meet the training needs of organisations around the world, irrespective of sectors or location.

Some of the more recent programmes that we have delivered for clients includes:

  • Crisis Management Training
  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Train the Trainer
  • Emergency Response Driving Programme
  • Workplace Violence
  • Personal Safety & Security Workshop 

For a complete list of the types of programmes that we develop and deliver please visit our website or contact us via email.