Trident Manor Training Academy Continues International Delivery

Friday, 14th May 2021

The Training Academy's international delivery of programmes continues with the delivery of the Introduction to the Protection of Cultural Venues to delegates from the Middle East, Canada and the USA

Trident Manor Training Academy Continues International Delivery

On Thursday the 13th of May 2021, our Cultural Protection Lead Valentina Sabucco, and our Managing Director Andy Davis delivered the CPD Accredited programme 'Introduction to the Protection of Cultural Venues'  through a shared partnership approach with the IFCPP (International Federation for Cultural Property Protection) based in the USA.

Valentina discussed the threats that cultural venues face, and a session on how attacks occur (The Attack Cycle), which incorporated case studies and examples specific to cultural sites. Andy discussed situational awareness and surveillance detection within a cultural setting highlighting the importance of both in the proactive prevention of incidents occurring. Finally, Valentina provided sensible and pragmatic advice and guidance on how effective security practises can be implemented by all venues to reduce the risks that they face.

This programme is one of a large number of specialist accredited programmes that have been developed by the Training Academy. If you would like to find out more about our Cultural Protection Programmes why not contact Valentina ( directly where she can outline not only the programmes but also the way in which we can deliver them to a global audience.

For information about our other accredited programmes and bespoke programmes that we offer clients and deliver globally across all sectors why not Contact Us.