Trident Manor Training Academy - International Outreach

Wednesday, 10th February 2021

It is great when you see an idea become a reality, and that reality grows and develops into a meaningful endeavour. This has been the case with Trident Manor Training Academy with its ever increasing international outreach and delivery of high quality learning opportunities.

Trident Manor Training Academy - International Outreach

Trident Manor Training Academy has used the time and opportunities presented by the COVID crisis to develop new and exciting programmes, work with international partners, and reach wider audiences who will benefit from the bespoke content that we create. The Academy continues to seek accreditation for programmes that will support individuals, organisations and specific sectors where security training is under-represented. Simultaneously, client specific programmes continue to be developed to meet the international needs of our clients. A great example of this at work is the delivery by Valentina Sabucco (Cultural Protection Lead) of our accredited Protection of Cultural Venues training to an Italian audience.

In addition, we continue to develop crisis management, defensive driving, humanitarian security management, and lone worker programmes to enable individuals and organisations to stay safe, and be protected from harm.

Whatever, your security, risk, or crisis management training needs are, why not contact the Training Team via Email or the Contact us tab, and let us support you in meeting your individual and organisational duty of care.