Civil Unrest - Crisis Response Training

Monday, 11th January 2021

Organisations face a wide range of threats to their operations, property and personnel. Trident Manor was engaged to deliver training to a global security team on approaches to asset protection during civil unrest.

Trident Manor was approached to develop and deliver a training programme for a multinational organisation with a global footprint of bases, projects, and activities, some of which were in difficult and at times hostile working environments.

As with most of the training delivered by Trident Manor we ensured that it was client specific and based around genuine, not implied threats that existed.

Due to the diverse nature of the client's operations consideration had to be given to African, South American and Asian operations as well as the socio-economic factors, political stability, crime levels, and existing levels of infrastructure and support. Once this had been gathered the programme was developed which provided a clear methodology and actions needed for risk assessing, emergency planning, incident response, and recovery-post incident management.

It was important to consider and identify threats to life, either directly or indirectly by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was also important to highlight the importance of protecting physical assets to enable resilience and a speedy recovery once the event passes. Communications strategies, maintenance of services (power, water, telecommunications etc.), and welfare considerations both during and post event were discussed and tolls to enable planning provided.

The benefits of the programme were not only individually (based through increased knowledge and awareness) but organisationally through shared knowledge and meeting duty of care obligations.

Due to COVID the programme was delivered online, and spread over two 4-hour sessions. As with every programme that we develop a handout for use as an aid-memoire was given to all attendees as was a point of reference should anybody have any further questions on the areas covered. Feedback was great with many suggesting the programme should be expanded to management teams and discussed during induction, where the risks existed.

Trident Manor is proud to go the extra mile in ensuring that any training delivered by the Trident Manor Training Academy is highly professional and meets the needs of our expanding client base.

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