Compliance Security Audit - Holland

Thursday, 7th April 2022

Last week Trident Manor personnel conducted an announced compliance audit of a multi-million dollar site to ensure that their operations were compliant with the expectations of our US-based client. I'm happy to say that they were.

Over the past week, Trident Manor personnel have deployed to Europe to undertake several tasks on behalf of international clients.

One of the tasks involved visiting a Dutch client with operations in both the Netherlands and Germany and undertaking a full review of their strategic governance, operational activities, and levels of protective security to confirm their operations were compliant with the US client's requirements.

While it was an announced audit all materials still had to be there, as did the physical, technical, and operational security measures which were scrutinised through observations and staff interviews. Although there were minor issues found, they were resolved at the site without impacting the organisations compliance status. 

Andy Davis commented, "These audits should never be viewed as just a tick box activity. It is important for the requestors' reputation that a thorough review is undertaken. It is also important for the company being audited to ensure that they are not carrying unnecessary risks to their operations. Finally, it is important that shortcuts are not taken because doing so could damage the auditor's reputation and credibility."

Trident Manor has delivered security risk management audits all over the world for a wide range of clients including Silicon Valley technology companies through to humanitarian organisations operating in East Africa. The benefits should always be to REDUCE RISKS, either through confirming compliance or identifying vulnerabilities.

If we can support your organisation through the delivery of professional security risk management audits why not contact a member of the team.