Corporate Research - Supporting Legal Firms

Wednesday, 25th November 2020

Brexit and COVID have led to an increased need for robust due diligence activities to be undertaken. Trident Manor continues to support legal firms through our Corporate Research Services in helping enable informed decisions to be made.

Trident Manor has provided legal firms, investors and individuals with research services that have resulted in background checks of individuals, companies and operations. In many cases no issues have been found but there have been cases where possible involvement in money laundering, fraudulent activities, and even the case of spoof companies being identified.

Over recent months, enquiries of our research services have increased  and have included providing guidance on geo-political activities, in-depth country reports, individual profiles, examination of possible illegal activities and verification of operational capabilities. Due to our global network of associates, contacts, and in house analytical capabilities we are able to examine data that is not readily available via open sources and turn it into business intelligence which is timely, accurate and actionable.

The demand for these services is only likely to increase due to the impact of Brexit and the need for organisations to reduce their international travel. Trident Manor is ready to support the legal sector, organisations and individuals in providing business intelligence that will allow informed decisions to be made. For further details please feel free to contact us to arrange a discreet, no obligations discussion on your research needs.