Corporate Social Responsibility - Protection of Places of Worship

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019

As a part of Trident Manor's corporate social responsibility strategy, it helps individuals and organisations through the provision of free security risk management services. Last week we were proud to hand over two completed threat, risk and vulnerability assessments for places of worship in Darlington where we are based. The reports are designed to help make informed decisions about the real risks that exist and what should be viewed as priorities for managing them going forward.

Over the past six months Trident Manor has been actively engaged with the clergy of two places of worship in Darlington, (UK) to help them understand the threats and risks that can impact places of worship, and sensible steps that can be taken to minimise them; in the most cost effective way possible.

Like other venues open to the public, places of worship are vulnerable due to their activities of welcoming people into their buildings without always knowing who they are and like hotels, bars and retail outlets this can impact the levels of protection that are afforded; especially during services.

Places of worship (and other historical buildings) have long been targeted for certain criminal activities, in particular lead thefts from the roof. However, what has become more apparent is the amount of damage that is caused and anti-social behaviour within church grounds that can range from the open consumption of drink and drugs through to verbal and threatening abuse suffered by the clergy.

The context was established over a number of meetings with clergy, wardens and other volunteers who help keep the places of worship functioning. This highlighted a willingness to help minimise the risks that existed but a lack of understanding about the most appropriate and safest means of doing so.

Physical enhancements to places of worship in the UK are not as straightforward as in other countries. Most places of worship are in old and historical buildings where it is illegal to alter of modify large sections and therefore the fitting of security rated doors is not always an option.

Trident Manor was able to identify physical, technical and operational issues where unnecessary risks were being accepted, because solutions weren’t known and provide those solutions at a minimal cost. Where there was a need for capital items options were given to manage the risks until the place of worship were in a position to address the risk through appropriate measures.

Being aware of the need to raise funds to implement some of the recommendations Trident Manor has agreed to host a musical concert before Christmas and to deliver personal safety and security training for staff and volunteers, again free of charge.

It is always very rewarding being able to support and assist those at risk or without the means to address and meet the challenges that they face. We have supported local and international organisations through our social responsibility programme and will continue to do so in the years ahead. Can you support a local good cause, not by monitory means but by meaningful deeds?