Delivering Consultancy Services in Africa

Friday, 21st August 2020

Supporting clients internationally is an essential service provided by Trident Manor. During July and August 2020 we were able to undertake threat, risk and vulnerability assessments at a number of East African locations for a global client.

Whilst the global pandemic has interrupted the activities of many organisations life and business goes on, as does the threats faced by organisations. Trident Manor was tasked with undertaking security risk assessments at four locations in East Africa for a client with global operations.

These assessments involved an evaluation of the environmental, criminal, operational, and financial risks that existed at three sites in Kenya, and one in Tanzania. Each site was different in nature and characteristics as were the threats that existed and the risks that they posed.

Using a mixture of analytical research of open source material, combined with local knowledge, and input a full evaluation of the threats that existed was able to be delivered in a timely manner. This allowed the client to make informed decisions whether to invest in the sites and projects that had been proposed.

By employing experts in multiple disciplines and having associates around the world Trident Manor continues delivering its services in support of clients’ needs.

Does your organisation need support internationally? Are there restrictions on your personnel travelling? Do you need to find a trusted partner to assist and support your organisational needs, well why not contact us to discuss how we can support your organisational needs?