Delivery of Operational Use of CCTV Systems

Thursday, 31st March 2022

Trident Manor develops and delivers specialist programmes that are beneficial to our clients, this case study demonstrates the real life difference our programmes can make.

Trident Manor has delivered it's 'Protective use of CCTV Systems' all over the world for multiple sectors including oil and gas, cultural, and educational. The programme concentrates on developing the skills and abilities of those who use CCTV systems to protect their organisations and assets. 

Most recently this was for a north of England organisation that potentially could be targeted by animal rights activists, pro-life campaigners, organised crime groups, and terrorist organisations because of its activities and geographical footprint.

The client did not want a regulatory or tick box programme that would allow licensable activities to take place it wanted something that would enable wider benefits to its staff. We outlined that our programme involved educating staff in the following areas:

  • Understanding Threats 
  • The Attack Cycle
  • Situational Awareness
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Surveillance Detection
  • Effective Operational Practices

This was exactly what the client needed.

The training was provided to multiple team members over several weeks and included exercises where pre-attack surveillance had been conducted against the client's premises and they had to put into practice the skills that had been taught. Each of the groups outlined how much they had enjoyed the training especially the realism of the exercise.

Following the training, it is always great to receive feedback, especially when the benefits of the training were driven home by real-life situations. That was the situation with this client.

The team leader confirmed to Trident Manor's managing director that following the training a call had been received from the police regarding 'Anti-Vax' protestors potentially targeting their premises. A prominent local protestor was named and subsequently identified after entering the client's area of responsibility. The protestor was initially accompanied by a female who then moved away from the individual and proceeded to conduct surveillance of the premises, paying particular attention to access routes into the medical and vaccination site.

The female was seen to return to the protestor, appear to brief him before then separating and briefing other protestors who arrived, apparently (based on gestures, and NVC communications that were observed) about the site layout and entry points into the building.

This allowed the team to coordinate and secure the ingress points into the areas of the building that were threatened and notify the police of the activities that were unfolding. In doing so, loss and damage to their property were avoided as was disruption to ongoing business activities.

The team leader commented "We thought this was another exercise developed by you. The process that was adapted and activities that were undertaken were textbook to what you had delivered, huge thanks." Our managing director observed, "It is only by keeping training relevant, genuine, and realistic that clients/delegates really benefit from training, especially when it is skills-based. I'm really proud that we were able to support this client and that the training managed to pay for itself within a matter of weeks.

This is yet another specialist programme developed by Trident Manor that provides meaningful results which protect clients and offer great value for money. For this or any of our other specialist security, risk, or crisis management programmes, feel free to contact us or visit the Trident Manor Training Academy website to browse all our programmes.

(Please note - the photo used is a stock photo and not of a real subject.)