Developing International Workforce Capabilities

Thursday, 3rd October 2019

Working with Middle Eastern colleagues Trident Manor provided support, guidance and expertise to develop and enhance training delivery capabilities. Whilst the initial workshop lasted five days the whole programme will be subject to continuous review over the next 12 months.

In September 2019 Andy Davis the Managing Director of Trident Manor Limited travelled to the Middle East in support of a client and colleague who was seeking to establish a credible learning programme that could be used for internal and external clients.

Prior to travelling, reviews were undertaken of governance, learning and operational materials in order to understand the existing process and to identify good practises or where gaps existed. The fact that the senior management team were very progressive and forward thinking made this process a lot easier.

Following the documentary review a five day programme was undertaken involving five members of staff with differing levels of knowledge and experience. Over the five days the participants were tested on knowledge retention, presentation skills and lesson planning; culminating in the delivery of a learning session in front of members of the management team. 

The participants were able to undertake Training Needs Analysis (TNA) activities with clients and then prepare and deliver live sessions in front of over 30 security personnel. Whilst not the polished article the levels of improvement of all was clearly visible. It was a great learning experience for all and one where the participants themselves benefited; as did the organisation.

If you want your staff and personnel to act professionally and deliver a high quality of service then you have to ensure correct levels of learning are delivered at the start of any engagement and that supervisory and management practises are proactive in their support as well as their oversight.

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