Increasing Need for Due Diligence

Friday, 26th June 2020

At times of crisis, rationale thoughts sometimes go out of the window and decisions become rushed which can lead to costly mistakes. Trident Manor continues to undertake due diligence enquiries to verify third party information and ensure contractual compliance.

During crisis’s criminals sometimes take the opportunity to exploit fears and vulnerabilities that may exist. Companies that would normally undertake background checks and screening of clients, suppliers or information are not doing so, allowing unnecessary risks to materialise. The same can be said of some contractual obligations where services or activities are meant to be undertaken in a certain way and short cuts are being taken which results in risks being introduced that can impact individuals, suppliers and clients.

Earlier this week Trident Manor undertook a compliance based due diligence activity to ensure that a UK based third party was conducting activities in compliance with the contractual requirements of a USA based organisation. As a part of the investigation a partial penetrative test was undertaken at the UK company’s offices and site, which was followed by surveillance of a representative from the site to UK city 80 miles away.

As a result of the due diligence enquiry Trident Manor were able to report that the site was secure and procedures were in place that protected the integrity of the client but that the operational activities away from the office showed that established procedures and activities were not being followed and which were non-compliant.

The detailed report enabled the USA client to make an informed decision about the next actions that it should take to protect its processes and reputation.

For Trident Manor it did not matter if the UK based company showed full compliance at the site and in the field, our role was to undertake the due diligence and provide the client with the necessary factual information upon which the client could make an informed decision about their next actions.

Trident Manor continues to provide global clients whether trade bodies, multinational corporations, and legal institutions through our Corporate Research Services in the UK, Europe and around the world. We continue to deliver highly professional, discreet, and pragmatic services using our UK based experts and global network of resources many of whom are drawn from intelligence, analytical, and governmental backgrounds.

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