International Threat Assessments

Friday, 23rd April 2021

Trident Manor was engaged to undertake a threat assessment on behalf of a US based client following threats having been received by an employee. Threat assessment delivered using local and international resources.

Trident Manor received an urgent request to undertake a threat assessment on a Pakistan based local member of staff following circulation of online materials that accused the staff member of a number of offences against Islam and potentially against the blasphemy laws; still punishable by death.

The UK team set about trawling social media (English and Urdu) to understand where the threats originated and the level of risk that existed. In parallel the victim was interviewed by our MD, Andy Davis who has operated across Pakistan in a security risk management capacity. Due to some people taking offence at the legal activities that were being undertaken by the victim, and the fact that they challenged the more conservative religious views a genuine risk of grave harm was identified. Even though it was established that the most disturbing and malicious allegations had been falsified, showing doctored images and overdubbed recordings.

However, the message was now out and social media did what it does best (for better or worse) and circulated it to millions of people with adverse comments coming from around the world, therefore the risks remained. This was further supported by the discovery of materials from terrorist organisations Terik-i-Taliban (TTP) and Sipah-e-Sahaba calling for action to be taken against the event organisers; the victim being one of them.

Enquiries with local resources provided commentary of the threats and increased likelihood of them being carried out unless the social media recriminations calmed. Preparations were put in place for the victim to be evacuated or taken to a place of safety if that was the decision of the client. 

Everything was shared through an emergency strategy meeting with the client, legal, and HR teams alongside a series of solutions and recommendations for keeping the staff member safe and secure. 

Andy Davis said, "When these events happen and there is a genuine threat to life it is important that all available resources are made available to firstly correctly assess the threat levels and risks they pose and then secondly provide clients with sufficient detailed information to enable them to make informed decisions. This involves round the clock working but the preservation of life is an overriding priority."

Trident Manor has internal and external resources to respond to personal, operational, and reputational threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that individuals or organisations face. We provide pragmatic solutions that minimise disruption but effectively manage the risks faced. Although a small and specialist organisation we have a great reach.

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