Providing CPD Certified Situational Awareness Programmes to International Audiences

Monday, 26th April 2021

During the past week specialist training was delivered to an international audience on the subject of situational awareness with the aim of maintaining levels of alertness and vigilance from the threats that exist and reducing the risk of loss, harm or damage.

Andy Davis, our Managing Director, delivered Trident Manor Training Academy's  CPD certified Situational Awareness programme to an audience primarily consisting of delegates from the USA. The programme was a huge success with loads of interactions and the delivery of specific outcomes that help the delegates proactively identify changes in the environment through the use of sensory stimulus, knowledge, and processed information.

As well as a lot of laughter, there were serious observations about general levels of alertness, how to retain levels of awareness and identifying ways that situational awareness can reduce personal risks, as well as those faced by organisations, the public, and visitors to venues. Throughout the training there was great engagement with questions being asked and clarification being sought.

At the end of the programme all delegates left very happy, and having learnt lots because of how the content was shared.

If you travel for any reason, are engaged in any sector where there is public interface, or there are increased risks to personal safety and security, then this programme should be considered by you, and your organisation to help proactively avoid risks that can be faced. 

The contents of the programme have been delivered to multiple sectors around the world including cultural heritage, hospitality, humanitarian, security, governmental organisations, sporting and event industry, and private individuals. The programme is a great foundation for helping detect surveillance during terrorist and criminal attack planning stages. Andy Davis commented, "Situational awareness is the foundation for personal security. Without it you are potentially a  walking victim!"

To find out more about this or any of our other specialist training programmes why not Contact Us or email the team at Our team is able to deliver this programme globally, online, or via our e Learning platform on 'Teachable'.