Surveillance Activities

Monday, 15th August 2022

Protective surveillance is the intentional gathering of information on individuals, operations, or locations to identify vulnerabilities, malpractice, or hostile actions, it is a directed activity. Trident Manor is repeatedly called upon to undertake these tasks on behalf of its clients, nationally or internationally.

Last week Trident Manor was tasked with undertaking a covert surveillance task within the United Kingdom to ensure that operational activities were followed, compliance with international strategies was being followed, and no deviation from security risk management policy was witnessed.

(Photo for illustration purposes only.)

The surveillance involved following and observing the driver and vehicle for 3 hours and monitoring their activities whenever stops were made. Photographic and video evidence was gathered alongside the maintenance of a log outlining activities.

This week Trident Manor is deploying to a European country where a different protective-surveillance activity will be undertaken when a target vehicle containing confidential materials will be followed to ensure the safety and integrity of the load while providing a surveillance detection service between stops and during the surveillance activities.

Protective surveillance is an important tool in the securing of assets whether they be physical, operational, or human in nature. It is a great tool for those involved in executive protection, especially EP drivers but it is a skill that has to be taught and developed continuously.

At Trident Manor we will only use specialists from government agencies, who are personally known to the Senior Management Team, or those who at a minimum have undertaken either our Level 3 VIP or Protective transportation programmes. This ensures a quality of service that is understood and quantifiable.

Protective surveillance is very effective when threats to individuals or assets exist, but the threat source is not fully determined. Protective surveillance also requires profiling, research, and analysis of the data to ensure it is of value to the client.

Trident Manor and its personnel have provided protective surveillance for individuals, high-value art, classified materials, as a part of due-diligence activities, and for compliance purposes in the UK and internationally.


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