Understanding Protester Threats at Cultural Venues

Friday, 4th November 2022

On Friday the 4th of November, our team hosted a free online training session on ‘Understanding Protester Threats at Cultural Venues'.

As part of Trident Manor’s ongoing social outreach to the cultural heritage sector and due to the series of protests reported in recent months, we felt it was important to share advice and guidance on understanding protester threats and address any concerns from delegates working in the sector.

“Just Stop Oil” and other protest groups have increasingly targeted cultural venues in the UK, Europe, and Australia. Irrespective of the protester’s understanding, their actions do cause damage, disruption, and financial loss to struggling cultural venues.

Following a sell-out of tickets, the session provided a historical review of protesters in cultural venues, the current protester trends, and proactive management considerations, before finishing with a question-and-answer session. 

Andy Davis our MD said, "Being able to provide information that is supportive of the cultural sector is very rewarding. As a company that cares passionately about protecting cultural heritage, it is not always about making money."

While we may not be able to completely stop the presence of protesters at cultural venues, we hope this session has provided attendees with useful information and considerations when making informed decisions on how cultural venues can best manage the presence of protesters.

The training was very well received and forms a part of a wider package that has been developed around the 'protester' threats.

For further information, about our Cultural Protection Services or to discuss our specialist training programmes, contact us at 01325 734850 or via email.