Undertaking Unannounced Audit

Thursday, 19th August 2021

Trident Manor undertook an unannounced audit for a company involved in the distribution of sensitive data overseas in Iceland. Although a minor security breach was identified the site was found to be 99% compliant.

Last week, Trident Manor personnel arrived in Iceland to undertake an unannounced audit for a company involved in the secure destruction and storage of sensitive data. The audit involved testing the physical and technical security measures, alongside operational security practices to ensure their compliance of internationally recognised security standards were met.

The physical barriers were found to be secure, doors were locked, shutters were down, and windows were protected, all playing a part in preventing unauthorised access into the building. However, by tailgating a member of staff access into a lobby area was possible, unfortunately for the audit a very small, but loud spaniel dog did a great challenge, as did the office manager.

After verifying their identity, through the showing of a security pass, all physical and technical security measures were checked to ensure they were compliant with the required international standards. The governance material was checked, alongside operational practises being observed. 

From the auditors’ perspective, it was refreshing to see 99% of compliance with regulatory standards, rising to 100% compliance before the end of the day.

Andy Davis, Managing Director of Trident Manor commented, ‘It is always rewarding to see a site with secure measures in place. Where security culture and operational effectiveness exist, the potential risks are considerably reduced.’ He went on, “Unannounced audits or ‘pen-tests’ are not designed to catch people out. They are an excellent way of stress testing an organisation’s protective resilience.”

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