Corporate Support Services

Corporate Support Services

Trident Manor and its network of consultants have helped corporate clients understand their level of risk exposure and introduced solutions that reduce and help manage the negative impact on the organisation.

This has included conducting security vulnerability assessments for clients where research and development activities were being undertaken but where the client was unaware of the hostile nature of the host nation. By introducing physical and technical barriers in parallel with an education programme for the developers the risk exposure was significantly reduced.

Trident Manor has responded to crisis situations where staff have been threatened by organised crime groups and provided solutions that include physical measures and personal security guidance. When the 2018 Armenian political turmoil led to mass protests and street violence the Managing Director of Trident Manor was able to fly in and ensure the security and integrity of an international organisations facilities and personnel.

Whatever security, risk or crisis management services your organisation requires Trident Manor can be trusted to respond and deliver sensible solutions that enable risks to be reduced and operations effectively managed.

Some examples of our Corporate Support Services include:

  • Risk assessing.
  • Emergency planning and response.
  • Creation of Travel Risk Management governance.
  • Undertaking due diligence enquiries.
  • Operational deployments.
  • Security design services.
  • Project management activities.
  • Protection services.
  • Corporate research activities.

For further details about the above or any other services that Trident Manor can offer to corporate clients please contact us.