Counter Terrorism Services

Counter Terrorism Services

The following are some of the counter-terrorism services offered by Trident Manor to enable the protection of assets and help prevent individuals and organisations from becoming victims.

Counter-Terrorism Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment: This service will undertake a review of all an individual’s or organisation’s assets and evaluate the level of threat that exists from a range of different terrorist attack scenarios. Using our understanding of terrorist attack methodologies we evaluate the levels of risk that exist and provide sensible and pragmatic solutions to reduce them as low as reasonably practicable. Trident Manor can then support the client with the implementation of any recommendations that have been made.

This service can be delivered globally.

Protective Design Services: Trident Manor helps organisations design physical and technical security measures that help protect against the threat of terrorism. Unlike other organisations, our protective design services also include operational practices, governance, and emergency/crisis management plans.

Governance Review: Trident Manor can work with organisations to review the existing protective governance relating to acts of terrorism. This can include risk assessments, emergency responses, training, and business continuity. Where gaps are identified Trident Manor not only flags the gaps but also offers sensible and pragmatic solutions to close them and reduce the risk exposure they may bring.

Travel Risk Management – Operational Support Services: When staff travel into areas where there is an increased risk of terrorism Trident Manor undertakes pre-deployment intelligence activities and develops secure protective plans that reduce the risk to the traveller. Where necessary this can include the delivery of specialist training programmes.

We supply highly qualified and experienced personnel to accompany and maintain oversight of the traveller where the risk of terrorism exists. This minimises operational disruption and enables the individuals or group to concentrate on business delivery.

Counter-terrorism Exercising: Trident Manor personnel have delivered counter-terrorism exercises around the world. Including in Saudi Arabia where an attack on a diplomatic mission was staged, through to tabletop exercises at the ASIS International global conference attended by NYPD CT units. We have the skills, experience, and expertise to deliver these types of exercises intended to stress test plans and the protective measures that exist.

Specialist Training Programmes: Through our Trident Manor Training Academy we are able to provide programmes that help individuals and organisations better manage the risks posed by terrorism and these include:

  • Entry Level - Counter-Terrorism Risk Assessing: Delegates understand the different types of terrorist threats that exist, their attack methodology, undertaking a CT risk assessment and proactive prevention strategies.
  • Situational Awareness Programme: This programme enables a workforce to increase its level of awareness and vigilance around terrorist acts and methodologies. The programme increases levels of alertness and enables “Proactive Prevention instead of Reactive Responses”. This programme is CPD certified and also helps improve personal security and the meeting of organisational duty of care.
  • Surveillance Detection: This programme helps individuals and organisations potentially identify pre-attack hostile surveillance against individuals or locations, in doing so enabling proactive prevention and potential disruptive actions to be implemented. As with the situational awareness programme, this training also improves personal security and helps meet the organisational duty of care obligations.
  • VIP Protective Driving Programme: Where threats against an individual exist it is important that levels of alertness are maintained while driving. This programme helps the driver or threatened individual understand the threats that exist, and how they can manifest themselves, before providing skills to avoid or respond to incidents. This programme is accredited at Level 3 by NCFE.

Operational Support: Where the threat from terrorists exists the levels of harm and danger are increased. Trident Manor can provide additional operational support to help reduce the risks faced and proactively implement strategies that protect individuals and organisational assets from harm.

Whatever counter-terrorism services you or your organisation require Trident Manor has the global experience to meet your needs. For further information about the above, or any other CT services please feel free to contact us.