Cultural Protection Services

Cultural Protection Services

The development of the Cultural Protection Services has been borne out of demands and the needs of the sector.

The Trident Manor team has been directly involved in the provision of services to the sector for many decades from governmental liaison through to operational support. We have been involved in the designing of new museums, the protection of historical building, reviewing and assessing cultural venues for national and international collections, development of international good practice, and the development of specialist training programmes not found elsewhere.

We understand that no two venues are identical, nor are the risks they face and so Trident Manor works with the clients to identify, manage, and reduce the risks faced from adversarial or natural threat sources to enable continued and uninterrupted operations. 

With our in-depth knowledge of legislation, international best practices, Accreditation requirements, and the Government Indemnity Scheme in the UK we are confident that we can deliver appropriate and proportionate levels of security and risk management for any cultural or heritage venue in the world, including during displays and exhibitions.

Some of the main services provided to the sector include:

  • Accreditation reviews and assessments
  • Conducting full threat, risk and vulnerability assessments.
  • Provision of security design services; inception to handover.
  • Project management of security design implementation, physical, technical and operational measures.
  • Operational security and risk management support and planning for major events and exhibitions.
  • Working with planners and governmental bodies when securing protected buildings or premises.

For further information regarding the types and depth of services offered by the Cultural Protection team please Contact Us