Petro-Chemical Security Support Services

The Petro-Chemical industry operates in some of the most dangerous and inhospitable countries in the world. As such specialist, professional support is needed to help manage the security threats that exist.

Petro-Chemical Support Services

Trident Manor and its consultants have been involved in providing security and risk management support services for the petro-chemical industry since formation. This support has been provided around the world including in Latin & Central America, Central Asia and throughout the Middle East.

Trident Manor is fully conversant with international standards and protocols surrounding security risk management within the petro-chemical industry and because of the global experiences and the quality of services that are provided we are seen as a trusted partner by multi-national organisations.

The following are some of the specialist support services offered by Trident Manor to the petro-chemical industry:

Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessments (TRV): Trident Manor is internationally renowned for the quality and professionalism of its TRV activities. The ISO 31000 standards are the primary risk management standard used, with full consideration given to the API (American Petroleum Institute) standards and methodologies. Trident Manor brings together multi-disciplined teams to deliver outstanding services and assessments.

Corporate Research Activities: Trident Manor supports clients within the petro-chemical sector by providing a wide range of ‘research activities’ that reduce or limit risk exposure. This includes the proactive provision of in-country data and analysis that identifies different threat types and enables informed decisions to be made. Other services include, due diligence enquiries, background screening and investigations.

Operational Support: Whether at a project design stage or following an increase in hostile activities Trident Manor is able to provide long or short term operational support to global operations. These can be onshore or offshore and available at short notice.

Awareness & Vigilance Programme Creation: In 2011 Trident Manor developed the SAVE® programme (Security Awareness & Vigilance by Education) to help organisations increase levels of security awareness and states of vigilance across multiple sites; and cultures. A programme is developed that considers areas of operation, risk exposure and most appropriate delivery methods. The programme uses PowerPoints, videos, leaflets and a host of other media tools to support the delivery of timely information. The programme can also be adapted to ensure the continued reinforcement of security procedures and practices.

To find out more about the services that Trident Manor is able to provide to the petro-chemical sector please contact us