Transportation Protective Services

Transportation Protective Services

Criminals and terrorists have long identified transportation hubs as attractive targets due to the ease of access and the value of targets within, whether people or property. Trident Manor understands the different threat sources and works with clients to identify and mitigate the risks faced as low as possible.

Whether in the UK or international Trident Manor helps operators protect the critical infrastructure and enables the minimisation of disruption caused by adversarial and other human risks.

The following are some of the services that Trident Manor offers for clients within the Transportation Sector:

Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessments (TRV): Trident Manor is renowned for the quality and professionalism of its TRV activities and our services have been sought for the protection of international transportation hubs. ISO 31000 standards are the primary risk management methodology used, with full consideration given to national and international standards relating to Aviation and Aviation Security. Our approach examines the physical, technical and operational security measures that exist and evaluates their robustness to protect against adversarial threats. We bring together multi-disciplined teams to deliver outstanding services and assessments.

Security Design Support: Trident Manor works with clients to ensure that the security designs for new builds or at the time of upgrades to existing security applications are relevant, proportionate and fit for purpose. Due to our independence, we work on behalf of clients and in their exclusive interests. Our experience of working with international architectural firms means that we are trusted to work with and not against design ethos.

Security Governance - Review & Creation: In many cases, security is seen as a compliance function instead of a proactive service offered to all users of transportation facilities. Trident Manor works with clients to ensure that the security policies, practices and procedures that exist are fit for purpose, risk-based and improve operational effectiveness. An organisation's failure to maintain or possess good security governance could lead them open to liability claims if something goes wrong.

Specialist Operational Support: Trident Manor and its consultants can support transportation hubs with operational support whether for the long or short term and whether the UK or internationally based. Our knowledge and experience in protecting the organisation's transportation assets and customers mean that we are able to provide a highly professional service for clients.

Whatever services you require to protect all assets within the Transportation Sector, or for further information about the wider ranges of services offered by Trident Manor contact us.