Trident Manor Training Academy - Offering SIA Security Programmes

Friday, 18th June 2021

Following changes made to the training requirements needed for SIA front line license holders Trident Manor is now offering the full range of Level 2 and 3 licensable training programmes from our Highfield Approved Training Centre.

Trident Manor Training Academy -  Offering SIA Security Programmes

For many years Trident Manor has been delivering bespoke security training programmes to national and international clients. We avoided delivering SIA (Security Industry Authority) programmes because we perceived there were too many issues around the quality and standard of some of the programmes on offer to those wanting to enter the sector or requiring licensing. 

Since the 1st of April 2021 new content has been added to the training programmes for Level 2 Security Officers and Door Supervisors. alongside a 'Top Up' programme that needs to be completed by those existing license holders before the 1st of October 2021. The result of these additional modules means that the quality and standard of training is improved and making the content more relevant for today's security personnel. On that basis, and following the recruitment of Henry Pattison as our Training Development and Delivery Lead a strategic decision has been taken to now offer these training services in support of the continued professionalisation of the security sector.

With effect from July 2021 Trident Manor Training Academy will start offering the Security Officer and Door Supervisor programmes, which will then be followed later in the year by the Level 3 Close Protection programme, all delivered at our base in the North East of England. Details of all the regulated security programmes can be found on the Trident Manor Training Academy Calendar

Our intention is to provide a highly professional service that not only supports individual's but also the wider security sector by increasing the levels of professionalism demonstrated by our trainees. Our commitment to leaners who attend out programmes is as follows:

We Won't

  1. Cut corners
  2. Cheat and provide answers
  3. Operate from unsuitable premises
  4. Tolerate unacceptable behaviour

We Will

  1. Provide highly professional training services
  2. Support and assist the development of individuals
  3. Refuse entry onto programmes if prerequisites have not been met
  4. Provide transparent and honest feedback to individuals and organisations who sponsor learners
  5. Develop a network of highly trained and professional security personnel

As a Highfield Approved Training Centre, Trident Manor is proud to support the continued development of security professionals and we will continue to uphold our standards and reputation in the services that we provide to customers and clients.